Sunday, September 27, 2015

Asia pop Comic Con Manila 2015 + Haul

      It was my first time to attend a comic-con and it was awesome! I was fangirling so much. It was a nice experience for a comic book fan like me. What really got me excited was the cool models of characters on display, like Beast from X-Men, the Avengers... etc. The cosplayers were phenomenal. These people dedicated a lot of time, creativity, and money into their costumes (well... the $10,000 did not hurt as well).

Diablo III demon hunter (She has the best costume I have ever seen
and she is so pretty). 

Black Canary!!! (Obligatory picture since I am an Arrow fan).

Harley Quinn! (Definitely Fangirling over this one).


Comic Book Haul 
Sadly all the pop funko figurines I wanted were not available so I just got comic books.

Check more pictures -----> Instagram video

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