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Book Review: Ghost of a Chance by EJ Divitt

Disclaimer: I receive a free epub copy of the book from the author (EJ Divitt) in exchange for a HONEST review. 

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No one told Jenny Chang that she is descended from a long line of supernatural protectors. When her father is murdered, the mantle of Protector passes to her. Suddenly thrust into the world of the dead and beholden to Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts, Jenny struggles with new powers and new responsibilities. As she tries to find her way, Jenny must face an old evil that is loose in the world and uncover a secret buried in her family’s past.

             When I read the summary of the book I immediately taught of Wendy Wu and Mulan from Disney with a mix of Melinda Gordon from the ghost whisperer. I actually like this kinds of stories but I'm not going to lie I was disappointed on how it was executed. First problem I had was the family dynamic was exaggerated. I couldn't believe that Jenny's mom would abandon her like that but since this is the first book I am thinking that maybe her mom will have a change of heart in the next book and accept Jenny for what she is destined to be, which is a protector.  Next is the lack of action and climax. I was hoping more scenes like the fight between Jenny and the rapist but sadly no, and the confrontation between Amy and Jenny was too quick for my liking. Lastly, Jenny is not a very relatable person. I had a hard time connecting with her. 
              But what I like about this book is that it showcase a Chinese-American protagonist, which is something that I haven't encountered in a lot of middle grade/young adult books. Also, I like how the history of Jenny's family and the role of the Protector was explained it really helped in making Jenny's character more complex and deeper. To end, I will give this series a chance (no pun intended). I think that since this is the first book the author had to show more background of Jenny before the action starts. I hope that in the second book Jenny will be more relatable and that there will be more scene where in Jenny helps the ghosts because those were my favorite parts of this book, especially when she helped the old man who recently died. 

I recommend this book for those who liked Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins and the Mediator by Meg Cabot.

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