Monday, May 8, 2017

Singapore Haul (Make up and School Supplies)

I went to Singapore last month (April 25-29, 2017) for a vacation. I had a great time exploring the city because I haven't been there since 2008. I also did a bit of shopping but not too much because I books are expensive there and I do not want to spend too much money since May is coming up and there are a lot of new releases that I want to purchase and read. 

Moving on, the first items that I bought are from Guardian, which is like a health and beauty store there. I got a lot of Essence Beauty make up because I've heard this brand before but I have not tried there stuff because it is not available in the Philippines.... and it's cheap so why not. 

2 in 1 eye shadow & liner (Waterproof) 
Shades: 01 Go Bronze and 02 Peach Perfect ($4.90 each)


Top to Bottom: The False Lashes Mascara ($4.90), Get Big Lashes ($4.50), Rock 'n' Doll($4.90), & I ❤Extreme ($4.90)

Camouflage Cream Concealer ($4.50) & Stay Natural Concealer ($3.90) 
Long Lasting Lip Liner
Shades (Top to Bottom): 06 A Girl's Dream and 02 Sweetheart ($2.90 each)

 Foundation and Blush 
Pure Nude Make Up in 3 Pure Honey ($6.90) and Mosaic Blush in 40 The Berry Connection ($5.50)

The I got two earring from TYPO. They were having a promo; two earring for $10. Instead of $7.99 each.
Wonder Woman and Donuts Earring

I also went to a stationary and gifts store called NBC and saw the Stabilo pastel highlighters my sister wants so I got her and me a set. They were $10.25 a set ($1.75 for 1 highlighter).

I also got school supplies in MUJI. I never really buy from there but after seeing how cheap it is compare to the Muji here in the Philippines I went crazy.

A5 Clear Binder ($3.90) and 200 pcs Loose Leaf Paper ($3.90)
Black B5 binder ($6.90)

B5 30 pcs Loose Leaf Paper ($1.60 each) and Brown Paper Divider ($2.90) 

10 pcs Ballpoint  Pen Set 0.7mm ($13.00)

(L to R) 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil, Pink Highlighter, & Gel Pen in Red and Black ($1.70 - $2.50each)
Small Pencil Case ($2.90) 

So that is it for my Singapore haul. Let me know if you want me to do a review of the Essence Beauty Make up that I bought.


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