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Local Bookish Subscription Boxes

         Bookish subscription box has become a trend to book lovers and collectors. A box sometimes include a book, bookmarks, and other book related items such as bookish candle, tea and many more. There are a lot of popular international bookish subscription box services like owl crate and fairyloot but the shipping can be very expensive. So if you are looking for inexpensive bookish subscription box services I have 3 amazing company here to share with you. Plus, they are local so the shipping is very cheap and they also support local artist and companies as well. 

P.S The companies that I will mentions did not pay me to do this promotion. I just like the service they render and I like supporting local businesses. 

Moving on, the first company is...

1. Empire Crates 
Photo from Empire Crates's Instagram 

Empire Crates is a bookish merch subscription box that started this year (2017). They are a bi-monthly subscription box, which means they are releasing boxes one month apart, so in a year they will be releasing 6 boxes.

Photo from Empire Crates's Instagram 
The picture above is there June box, which is themed Wedding Bells. 
Inside are: 
- Magnetic bookmarks from @angeleillustrate
- Candle with "Wedding bells" label from @thehouseofwicks
- Artprint from @idlestuff -
- Necklace and earrings with infinity design
- Gold Crown
- Bookmark with empirecrates' name
- Personalized letter
- Shells and 2 doves
- And of course the book of the month, which is Once and For All by Sarah Dessen. 

Photo from Empire Crates's Instagram 

The pre-order for their August box is currently happening. The theme for the month of Vanguard. There will be no book of the month but it will include exclusive merchandise inspired by Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom and DC Universe for the price of ₱850 (inclusive of shipping fee to anywhere in the Philippines). But there is a pre-order promo and the details for that is in the picture below.

Photo from Empire Crates's Instagram 
If you want to pre-order the August box click here

To know more about Empire Crate go to their Instagram 

2. Marauder's Dispatch 

Photo from the Marauder's dispatch's website
Marauder's dispatch is a Philippine-based, which includes 10-15 bookish goodies customized and style for the client's liking. 

 A box will include the following: 

- A newly released YA book every month! It's format can either be paper back or hard back.
- 6-10 bookish goodies! 
- With every box, they will be featuring items that are underrated and under appreciated... they feature these items because they need love and attention and because they aren't getting the hype they deserve!
Photo from Arianna Danganan's Instagram

Above is a picture of their June "Mystic Illusions' box, which includes the following:
- An hourglass
- Marauder's bookish hand scrub
- Pocketwatch/necklace
- A5 notebook with the cutest pouch
- Mini mason jar filled with chocolates
- Lightbulb bottle with blue sand
- Let's travel through the pages of a book pin
- Lady Julie candle from @idlestuff that smells of peppermint
- Two bookmarks from @markyourbookph
- And of course, The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein

Photo from the Marauder's dispatch's Instagram
Their August box is up for pre-order and the theme is Enchantments, which is inspired by magic and mischief namely; Alice in wonderland, Disney movies, Harry Potter, and a lot more. 

Pre-order their Enchantments box here

To know more about Marauder's Dispatch go to their Instagram 

3. Pouts & Fluffs Loot Box 
Photo from Pouts & Fluffs Loot box's Instagram

Pouts & Fluffs Loot Box is a Monthly Young-Adult Book Subscription Box that is based in the Philippines. Their box will include: 

- The Book of the Month (It may be hardbound or paperback and it may be about fantasy, romance, mystery, or adventure, as long as it's a YA Novel). 
- Bookish Merch 
- Printed Bookish Items 

Photo from Pouts & Fluffs Loot box's Instagram
Above is there June "Down the Memory Lane" box.
Inside are the following:
- An exclusive drawstring bag from our sub shop
- A Nostalgia candle by @bookish.light
- An exclusive vintage Harry Potter inspired bookmark by @literaryshop
- A mason jar full of Butterballs inspired by The Three Broomstick's Butterbeer from Harry Potter
- A pack of tea bags from
- A Flame in the Mist inspired Art Print designed by Mr. Pouts
- A Flame in the Mist inspired printed bookmark
- An exclusive sticker adaptation of Flame in the Mist's main character "Mariko"
- A picture holder/hanger from @bookstaprops
- And of course, our book of the month "A Flame in the Mist" by Renee Ahdieh.

Photo from Pouts & Fluffs Loot box's Instagram

Their August "Magical Encounters" box is up for pre-order, if you would like to purchase a box from them. This box will be very enchanting and it will also include 6-8 goodies (or more), some exclusively made for our box and will have items inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Percy Jackson. It will also be a signed copy and will have a letter from the author. Some exclusive goodies from the author will be included too. The price of the box is Php 1, 399.00 (exclusive of shipping fee)

Pre-Order your box here 
Also check out Pouts & Fluffs Lootbox's Instagram


So those are the three local bookish subscription box services that I highly recommend. The owners are very nice and accommodating. Plus, I have also seen some great reviews about them. Furthermore, I have already ordered boxes from them and I will do an unboxing and review of the following boxes as soon as they arrive on my doorstep:
- Marauder's Dispatch's July 'Swindlers' box 
- Pouts & Fluffs Lootbox's July 'Stay Alive' box
- Empire Crates' August 'Vanguard' box. 

I love the concept of local bookish subscription boxes because you never know the items you are going to get, so it feels like Christmas. So... let me know in the comments section if there are other local bookish subscription box services that I need to try out. 


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