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         Hi my name is Maria Isabel Samonte and I just recently graduated in De La Salle University with a degree in Bachelor of Art in Political Science. Obviously I love reading I started reading at a very young age and it runs in the family. My mom is an avid reader as well and she loved reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys when she was young and it transitioned to Agatha Christie and Sidney Sheldon when she got older. And my dad always provided me with fairytale books when I was young so they contributed a lot towards my reading habit. In addition, my siblings also likes to read in their spare time. My sisters likes contemporary and paranormal/romance books, while my brothers likes fantasy and Haruhi Murakami books. At the same time we love traveling together. 

Fun Facts About Me:

1. I play the violin and I was part of my school orchestra during my grade school and high school years 

2. I love to travel 

My Family and I in Korea (Winter 2014) 
Me in Thailand for a school trip (Summer 2015). 

3. I love dogs and I have 7 shih tzu 

4. I am a big DC comics fan
Arrow, Me, Liv, and Penguin (October, 2015)

5. And I love to EAT!

Thank you very much for browsing through my blog.

For any questions you can email me at: isabelsamonte@yahoo.com
or in any of my social media accounts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IsabelSamonte
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isabelsamonte/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maria.i.samonte

Isabel Samonte

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