Friday, March 11, 2016

Victoria Aveyard Book Signing+ Mini Review + Mini Book Haul

                   Hi everyone I know this post is very late but I was very busy with schoolwork that this blogpost got delayed. Anyway so last Sunday (May 6, 2016) was Victoria Aveyard's book signing, which was held in National Bookstore, Glorietta 1. I arrived to the venue at 7am to have an earlier slot, take note the registration starts at 10am and the event proper starts at 2pm, and when I got there the line was ridiculously long that I secured the 350 slot. I waited for 10 hours to have my books signed but it was all worth it. I met some great people in that event that shared the same passion that I have for books and I met this very amazing, friendly, and nice author.

                 Victoria Aveyard was really nice and beautiful. She signed books for 1,200 people in the Glorietta event alone, which was insane. Her book are amazing at first when I saw a copy of the Red Queen last may I was skeptical at first at getting it because the synopsis kinda sounded like a mixture of different young adult fantasy books but I'm glad that I read it because it did stand out on its own. I love the characterization of Mare Barrow in the book. She is has a strong personality but she can be vulnerable at the same time, which makes her humane. And the politics in this novel is so good. I love how it relates to the real world and how the author incorporates different political theories, such as Aristotles' notion of a monarchy and ideas of democratization. The plot twist in the Red Queen got me flabbergasted. I was not really expecting it and I'm still in denial about it up until now. Even when I finished sword of glass I am still in DENIAL and I won't accept it until I read the next book.

She so pretty even in blurry pictures. 

So near yet still far away

                        I was fangirling so hard that I was stuttering while talking to her. This is how our conversation went.

Me: (omg! she is so pretty)
V.A: Hi how are you?
Me: Fine, Can I just say that I love the politics in this novel?
V.A: Thank you.
Me: It just coincides with Aristotles idea of a monarchy and ideas about democratization.
V.A: Well... you're smarter than I am.
Me: Thanks (OMG she just called you smart OMG girl breathe)

She is just so nice and very welcoming.
                   In addition, I also bought some new books this week, since I was stressed with school and book shopping relaxes me and makes me happy. So I bought Mosquitoland by David Arnold, which is a contemporary book that centers around this girl that is traveling in a bus and she meets different people along the way back to her mom. I also bought the unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera, which was recommended by my professor.

                 So that is all for today's blogpost. Do comment your experience with Victoria Aveyard's book signing or books that I should review.

Thank you,
Isabel Samonte

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