Monday, February 27, 2017

Marry, Date, or Kill (Romance class edition)


In this blog post, I decided to play the Marry, Date, or Kill using characters from Romance Class books. In this game, I selected three characters from a romance class book and evaluated who would I marry, date or kill.

1. Keeping the Distance by Clarisse David

Marry - Hunter. He is totally my type and I can't wait to read more about him.
Date - Lance. 
Kill - Jace, he is too neat and I am too messy.  

2. Serenade by Claire Du

Marry - Connor 
Date - Ray
Kill - Julian for obvious reasons 

3. All that Glitters by Ines Bautista-Yao 

Marry - Carlos Angeles 
Date - Carlos Angeles. I am a sucker for friends falling in love. 
Kill  - Iñigo Antonio for being a slimy user 

4. The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza 

Marry - Chase.  
Date - Kevin
Kill - Joshua because he can't distinguish the difference between Harvard and Hogwarts 😂

5. Bucket List to Love by C.P Santi 
Marry - Ryo, I don't mind sharing my cookies with him.
Date - Luc. Green eyes and brown hair 😍
Kill - Adrian. I'd like to pour boiling coffee on him too. 

6. The Art of Shifting Gears by Chi Yu Rodriguez 

Marry- JR
Date - Yuan 
Kill - Mike. For being a major D-bag and for indirectly calling Rae a whore and forcing her to kiss him after. 

7. Simply Joei by Clare Elisabeth Marquez 

Marry - Jake! Obviously
Date - Francis/Oliver 🐶 
Kill - The man who assaulted Joei in the library. Thank God for Jake being the hero. 

8. Keep The Faith by Ana 

Marry - Nico 
Date - French fries 🍟 Unlike Faith I don't discriminate, I love all fries equally. 😂
Kill - James 

P.S Comment down below who is your book boyfriend or girlfriend? 


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