Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bookish May Challenge

I am currently doing the bookish may challenge in instagram and I was tagged by @r.eader. If you guys want to participate all you have to do is repost the picture below and follow the assigned topic for each day and use the hashtag #bookishmaychallenge. You can also tag me if you want so I can see your photos.

Here is the list
2.Became worse while reading
3.Hide and Seek
4.Bookish balance
5.Dutch flag (red-white-blue)
6.Bookish chevron
7.Completed Series
8.Book with stuffed animal
10.Book and Movie
11.Oldest Book
12.Book and merch
13.Book and drawing
14.Lovely memories
15.Most expensive book
16.Book and food
17.Set at a place you'd like to visit
18.Judged by it's cover
19.Less than 200 pages
20.Given Book
21.Fav reading place
22.Black and White books
23.In your garden
24.Book with a Witch/Wizard
25.Damaged books
26.Favourite villain
27.Song that fits the book
28.Bookish Eyes
29.Book with hat
30.May wrap-up -

Check out my instagram @IsabelSamonte for my photos :)

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