Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Road Trip: Baguio

My family and I went on an eight-day road trip from Manila to Ilocos Norte. It was my second time doing this route with my first time 12 years ago. Our first stop was Baguio where in we stayed there from May 20-23. We checked in The Manor, Camp John Hay, which was as beautiful as I remembered it 12 years ago.

       The Manor was amazing. The staff was very welcoming and the rooms was super nice.

The following day we went on a tour around Baguio.

First we went to the Mansion

Then we went to the Wright Park was so beautiful because it was surrounded by many flowers, which was nice because you do not see that many flowers around in Metro Manila.

Next we went to Mines View Park, which has an amazing view of Baguio.

We also met this adorable dog-named coco.

Baguio Cathedral

La Trinidad Valley where we got to buy so many strawberries for a cheaper price compared to the ones in the markets and they were organic. We also got to try their strawberry taho.

Lastly, we went to the brewery where in they have a unique variety of beers like passion fruit beer and a beer that tastes like coffee. My favorite is their strawberry beer.

We also tried their stuffed peppers, which was so good. That it was gone after less than 5 minutes.

On the Third day we went to the Philippine Military Academy where we got to see the history of the Philippine Military, military training and equipment.

We also went to two of Baguio’s haunted places. First is the Dominican Retreat House, which is one of the top five scariest places in the world. The structure itself is scary and is in ruins but the view outside the balcony was fantastic. You can see the whole Baguio.

Next is Laperal House, which is also known as the white house. It is a Victorian styled house and the inside is full of wooden furniture.

For dinner we went out to Canto, which was really good. It’s not expensive and the burgers, chili fries and taco salad tastes amazing.

Overall, the trip was great because I got to see more of the Philippines and I got to bond more with my family. Baguio is definitely one of the must see places in the Philippines.

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