Monday, March 14, 2016

Sarah J. Maas Book Signing Event

Check out the video I made showing what happened during the event. 

         I went to Sarah J. Maas' book signing event yesterday and I am still fan girling about it. I've been waiting for her to come to the Philippines ever since I read throne of glass last March/May and finally it happened yesterday!!! I waited for almost 12 hours with my sister. I came to the venue at 5:30am and I was already the 192nd person there but it was worth the wait. She and her husband were so nice. I got to talk to her husband, Josh, and have my A court of thorns and roses book signed. We talked about dogs because coincidentally Sarah's childhood dog is named Isabel hahaha. And we also talked about school because I told him that I'm taking law next year.

Signed by Sarah's husband Josh
Finally meeting Sarah J. Maas
          Meeting her was such an exciting and amazing moment. I really am a big big fan of her. Her character Celaena Sardothien has a big impact on my life. I really want to be like her and fight for what is right that is why I want to be a human rights lawyer. And when I told that to Sarah she told me to "rattle the stars". I just love her books and it has become a big part of my life. I have become so attached to the her characters that I'm dreading the day the throne of glass series ends. Anyway she is beautiful and sweet when I met her and I can't wait to meet her again.
Books signed by her
The amazing girls I met in line waiting to meet Josh. 
        I want to thank Sarah J. Maas, Josh, Bloomsbury publishing, and National Bookstore for giving me this wonderful experience.

Isabel Samonte

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