Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Organization and Cataloging

         So summer is already here and I started doing my summer cleaning starting with my books.  I decided to catalog my books, after Sasha (abookatopia) do it on here youtube channel, so that I have a list of the book I own and have and I can keep track of things like if I'm missing a book. I also decided to organize my bookshelves so that I would have more space to put books in. 

You can watch a short clip of my cataloging here --> Instagram Video
If you want to see the list of books and comics that I have click here --> Books and Comics Collection


                          As you can see I have a lot of books and I don't have a lot of space. 
I even have a lot of books in desk, which can be a problem since it look cluttered and disorganize that way.

 On this section of my desk, I have my Harry Potter books and pop funkos. I'm not yet sure if I would permanently put my Percy Jackson book on my desk or put it in my bookshelf, will see. 
 On the other side, I have my A Series of Unfortunate Events books 1-3. They are my favorite childhood books that is why I have it on display. 
As you can see I removed the beauty products that was lying in my shelf and left my perfumes since I don't have a place for it yet. 

 I finally have more space to put more books in. The upper shelf consists of my children's - Middle grade books (not visible in the picture because it is behind my Harry Potter Books). My adult books are also in there as well as my classics. I also have a few of my young adult books, which I have read when I was in high school. On the second shelf, I have my recently bought books, my comic books and graphic novels, and a lot of my favorite books. I arrange my books by series and I group them by genres.

So that is all for this post. I will be posting my wrap up and a collective book haul soon so look out for those.

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