Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Review: The Revenant by Scott Kauffman

Disclaimer: I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an HONEST review.
 I always like watching video in youtube about soldier’s coming home from their duty and surprising their love ones but I’ve never really considered those fallen soldiers who never had the chance to come home (I guess I’m optimistic that way). Well this novel shows that side. It enters around Betsy coming in terms with her brother’s death. 

 It was hard to get into this book in the beginning but after a few pages it got better. I like how the author revisited Betsy’s memories of his brother it helps the reader’s to also feel the sense of loss that Betsy experienced. This book is a great example of Kübler - Ross model. Betsy presented the 5 stages of loss and grief and how an individual deals with it and comes in term with accepting the situation. 

In addition, using the retrospective theory we can see why Congressman Hanna is acting the way he is. He wants to make a good impression through visiting families of the fallen soldier even though he does not know them personally because the voters examines the performance of the incumbent. Overall, this was a good book. It shows how was is a destructive event that affects not only the soldier, but their love ones. 

        Thank you Mr. Kauffman for giving me the opportunity to read your book and I cannot wait to read more of your books and I wish you more success to come. 

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