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Haul 04/28/2015

           I went to two malls last Tuesday therefore I bought a lot of stuff, mostly clothing because I'm in need of new clothes for summer. During the afternoon, my best friend with her little sister and I went to Alabang Town Center to hang out, which resulted with us shopping a little bit. Then for dinner my family and I went out to eat and went to SM south mall, which was having a sale, which also resulted with my mom and I shopping a lot of clothes and bags.

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Rebel belle by Rachel Hawkins

  Plot: belle

      I have been wanting to get a physical copy of this book for so long and I'm so happy to finally get it that I did my happy dance in fully booked. I'm just so excited to read it because many booktubers are raving about it and it has high reviews in goodreads. Plus, there is a funny story behind the process of me getting and buying this book. I have reserved a copy of this in the fully booked site last week but sadly they have not e-mail me regarding the availability of the book that I decided to just reserved it personally in the store. So when I went to Fully booked with Gabby last Wednesday I ask the front desk if they have a copy of this book and she said they might have one copy and went to look for it but when she returned she said that it was just recently bought by another customer, which made me so sad. She then asked if I want to reserve a copy and I said yes. So, I went out the bookstore sad. But after checking a few stores in the mall we decided to go back to Fully book and check out their pop funko products because I wanted to buy the Lumpy Space Princess one. Sadly, they only have Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and Minions. As we were about to leave my best friend and her sister where checking out books in a self and near the shelf was a guy opening and arranging newly arrived packages with books and as I was glancing at them I saw a familiar book cover, which was Rebel Belle. I quickly approach the guy and asked if I could buy the book at first he was reluctant since it just arrived and there was no price tag yet but he said yes and it made me so happy. So I canceled the reservation and did my happy dance. My best friend kept laughing at me because according to her I just charged up in front of the guy asking if I could by the book and the guy really looked surprise. Anyway, whenever I see my copy of rebel belle I would always remember that incident.

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Stieg Larson


         I bought my copy in book sale, which is awesome because it was cheap. I wanted to read the millenium trilogy ever since high school because my best friend was reading and she liked it very much but I never had the chance and I don't know why. I'm so excited to read this because I saw the film and it was so good and I know that if the movie is good than the book is better. 

Clothing and Bag

Uni Qlo
 - They were having a good sale that my mom and I bought a lot. 
Modal Linen Blended Tank Top

I got the wrong one because I wanted the shirt one instead of a tank top but it's fine. I love the material of this since 
it's light, which is perfect for the hot summer weather in the Philippines.

Zip Up Parka

I love this because the material is not heavy like other raincoats and it's not bulky so I can but in 
my school bag for when it rains.

Denim Cropped Leggings Pants

My mom and I love uni qlo pants and leggins because they are just 
comfortable and the material is super stretchy.

EFC Lawn Long Sleeve Shirt
Again, this is a light fabric so it's perfect for the hot weather right now.

                        Sun N Sand by Body Music
                             - they have affordable sports and swim wear for girls. 
Exercise Shorts

What I like about this is that it when I go swimming or do yoga
the shorts won't ride up since it has garters in the leg areas.

Rash Guard

My little sister has a rash guard and I wanted one for when 
I go do water activities. 

Samsonite Red S-Cube ll / Boston Bag

Samsonite was having a sale and this bag and the bag my mom bought (which is a 
brown leather tote bag) was 70% off. So we quickly bought it because it was on sale and 
the bags were gorgeous. I love the bag that I got because of the leather (it has a grainy texture 
so it won't be easily scratched)  and the color, plus 
as a person who is always traveling this is a good carry on bag. 

So that is all what I bought in my recent shopping trip. 

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Talk to you guys soon. :) xoxo Isabel 

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