Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Bookish Pet Peeves

For this topic, I’ll divide it into 2 parts because I have pet peeves about the physical book itself and inside (contents) the book.

So lets get started.

Physical Book

1.     People who folds the pages because it is just wrong and blasphemous. Books should be treated with respect and love.

2.     Book covers with people on it. It is not my style and It think (no offense) I cheapens the book. And I know you should not judge a book by its cover but I can’t help it. Sometimes it is so cheesy that it ruins the book. Most of the time if this happens, I would just get a digital copy rather than buying a physical book.

3.     A book with no summary at the back and all it has is reviews from different people. Summaries are important if I’m buying a book because it is a glimpse of what the book is a about. And If I’m buying a book and that book is sealed in plastic and there is no summary in the back how will I know what the book is about. And it sucks that I have to look up the summary in goodreads inside the bookstore.

Content or Inside the book
1.     Love Triangles its unnecessary and it tells that it is okay to have to two guys. I mean why can’t you just let the other one go! You are just raising the hope of the poor guy all throughout the book and then break his heart in the end. An example of this is Thoughtless by S.C Stephens. Don’t get me wrong I love the series but I did not like the first book because Kiera was just a big mess and is ruining the lives of both Denny and Kellan.

2.     Characters makes decision with their emotions especially in young adults books because its shows recklessness and stupidity. Like for example Bella doing reckless things (jumping cliffs and riding a motorcycle) in New Moon because Edward left her.

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