Saturday, April 25, 2015

Monthly Favorites: April

          School has just ended and I'm so ready for summer. I only have a few favorites this month because I did not really bought or try a lot of new products and I only read 3 books this month, which is so sad because I usually read at least 5 books per month. I was just so busy with school work and finals that I did not really had the time. But now that summer is here I am ready to devour so many books. 

(Disclaimer: This is not sponsored.)

           Furthermore, let's get started with my monthly favorites.

1. Pink Chiffon - Bath and Body Works 

       I used to wear Princess by Vera Wang but I got sick of wearing the same scent for almost 2 months (If you know me I switch out my perfume from time to time). So I bought this late March because I had the body wash and hand sanitizer and I just fell love in with the scent that I had to get the body spray too. Plus it was on sale, which is a bonus. Also, every time I wear this people compliments my scent and say that I smell like a cake or a cupcake, which is a plus for me. 

2. Kick Ass Concealer - Soap and Glory 

              I bought this concealer in Boots while I was traveling in Thailand last month because I forgot my concealer, which is super annoying. This concealer is great for traveling because it is mess-proof you don't need to carry a brush in order to apply and blend it. You can just use your fingers. And it is travel friendly because it has 2 shades (a light and a dark one) and it has a power to set in the concealer. Plus, it's sweat proof and it does not crease. It's very hot in Thailand but this concealer did not sweat or melt off my face, which is essential for me since it also get hot in the Philippines especially in the summer. 

3.  Design my Eyebrows - The Face Shop

               I bought this in South Korea last christmas and I've been using it for 4 months and it is still my favorite (sorry sleek make up's brow kit). The application is easy and fast. It looks natural and it keeps my eyebrows on fleek for hours. Plus, it is not that expensive like Benefit's brow products. 

4. Jordan 4 (Oreo) -Nike
               This are my new babies. They are so cool and they make me tall. Plus, they are so comfortable. 

5. 2015 Planner - National Bookstore

          This really helped me this past 3 months because I was so busy with school work and I had deadlines to keep track of. This helped me stay organized and balance school work with my social life. Plus the design it cute (Pink with weave details). 

     It has an overview of each month, so I can keep track of deadlines and appointments. 

                          It also has daily one and it has more space compared to the monthly one, so I can be more detailed. Like writing the format of my assignments or research questions that I need to submit.

6. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

                 Like I said earlier, I only had the chance to read three books (When I'm gone by Abbi Glines, this and Panic by Lauren Oliver) this month. And this is my favorite out of the three. I got sucked into the story very fast and easily. It is a very easy book to read. The flow and pacing of the plot is good. But I must say that there are some parts that I really don't like but it redeemed itself in the ending. Furthermore, I'll be posting a whole review of this book so keep a look out for that. 
           So that is all my favorites for this month and I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to comment you favorites this month. Bye! 

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