Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bookshelf and Desk Tour

So this is an overview of my bookshelves. This is not the usual bookshelves because it does not have the dividers and it looks like a closet, therefore it is more deeper. So I decided to put two rows in one compartment, a front and a back row. 

This is the back row of the top compartment. It has books that I have read and won't probably read in the near future. 
 It has my children book from when I was a little girl.
 Math Books, Classic books, Adult Romance book, Adult Mystery Books,
 Beauty/Fashion Related books,Playbills from play's I've watched, and booklets for concerts I've played in when I was in the orchestra.
Moving on, this is an overview of the front row of the first compartment. This has a mixture of books I have and not read, series that are incomplete, and comic and graphic novels.

Then this is the second compartment, which only has one row. 

 I have series that are complete, stand alone young adult contemporary novels,

 My TBR pile, My tbr jar and My recently bought books.

Lastly, my desk. 
I have my favorite series, which is displayed 
in my desk because I love the books so much.
This are my new copies and I am currently 
re-reading them again. 
Then I have my planner and Q&A a day book.

So that is my bookshelf and desk tour. For questions or clarifications please comment down below.

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