Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

               This novel starts with two teenagers, Violet and Finch, meeting on top of a bell tower. They kinda save each other since both of them are dealing and struggling with heavy issues. Violet grieving her sister's sudden death and Finch having some serious family issues that lead him to be fascinated with death. They started to form a friendship, which led to something more serious. This book shows how different people deal with different issues and dilemmas they face and they cope up with them. 

               I really really love this book. It is definitely one of the books that was an eye opening experience for me and it really left a lasting impression on my life. I love how it tackles depression and how it shows that it is really a health hazard. This book is good for readers in the Philippines since the Philippines is a country wherein mental health is not really talked about. It is even considered taboo and that is why I think people are afraid of seeking help or talking about it. Furthermore, Jennifer Niven's writing style is very poetic and reading this book of hers was very easy and fast. Every chapter is captivating that I got through the book really fast. It's a book that is not hard to get into. I was actually hooked by the first chapter and I couldn't put the book down. I was literally reading in the office where I intern and let me tell you NEVER READ THIS BOOK IN PUBLIC! Also, it is one of the books that will make you reflect on your life and the world around you after reading this. I remembered not sleeping after reading this book because I was thinking of so many things and I went to my morning classes looking like a zombie but it was all worth it. My heart was broken after reading this book. It was so sad and I know that this happens to a lot of people.
              If you like My Heart and Other Blackholes by Jasmine Warga and The Fault in our Stars by John Green I really do recommend trying this book. In the end, this book reminds us to be wary of the people around is. If you think they are dealing with depression, do your best to open your ears and help them. And if you are struggling with depression please contact the following hotline number:

Manila Lifeline Centre: Call 02-896-9191 or 0917-854-9191.
The Natasha Goulbourn Foundation: Call 02-804-HOPE (4673) or 0917-558-HOPE (4673). You may also use their toll-free number for all Globe and TM subscribers, at 2919. Visit their website at 

                            YOU ARE NOT ALONE! AND YOU ARE VERY MUCH LOVED!

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