Friday, June 26, 2015

Book Signing: Leigh Bardugo

I love that she wrote a Harshaw Quote because
he is my favorite charater. He
is just funny and unique from the other characters in the books. 

June 21, 2015 I went to Leigh Bardugo’s book signing event in National Bookstore, Glorietta 1. I was so excited for this event because I love the Grisha Trilogy. The politics in books were amazing. It shows inferiority and superiority between the characters, and it shows how power is being used. The darkling was a very interesting character because in the book he is seen as this superior person but at the same time he was also inferior. And with that resulted his wanting to overthrow the current monarch. We are also presented with character that you will love, like harshaw, zoya, mal, etc… And even though they are different from one another they connect and create a perfect harmony between one another. Plus, it has a little bit action, romance and comedy that is not overbearing and will keep the reader entertained. The world building was exceptionally great. I love the Russian vibe to it.

Furthermore, meeting the author of one of my favorite books was such an honor. She is just an inspiring writer and she gives great advice to writers as well. I love that she is very active in social media and that she really talks to her readers.

I also met her lit agent, Joanne Volpe who is so nice. And I also want her job hahaha. 


Overall, the experience was so great. I can’t wait for Leigh Bardugo to be back and to read her next book six of crows. 

Thank you National Bookstore for this event. And to Leigh Bardugo and Joanne Volpe for the wonderful experience. 

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